Shipping Policy

Shipping - All freight issues will be governed by “common carrier practices.”

Date/Time - The dates and times given, are an approximate time, we will try to adhere to this time but due to circumstances beyond our control such as weather, construction, traffic etc., the time may vary. If the delivery is not during the time given please feel free to contact us @ 1-800-456-6287, and we will update you as to the delivery status. 

Delivery 1) Some of our products are quite large and will require a number of people to r unload at customers expense. 2) All shipping will be governed by Crown Gym Mats, Inc. original accepted order. Unless otherwise specified, all deliveries are Tailgate Delivery.  Tailgate delivery means - it is the responsibility of the customer to load or  unload the product from the truck. If for any reason the shipment is refused by anyone at the designated delivery it will be the responsibility of the customer to pay all related charges for the return delivery to our factory including handling.  There will then be an additional cost to re-ship the product.  3) All international are designated X-Works for shiping and payment.

Damaged Goods - If the goods are damaged when you receive the delivery, write on the Bill Of Lading “REFUSED SHIPMENT DAMAGED GOODS”, then date, sign and refuse the shipment.  The product will then be returned to our factory and we will repair or replace the product as we see fit and return it to you.

You must pay the original invoice in full within the terms it specifies for us to up hold your warranty.  Remember, if you sign the Bill of Lading or delivery ticket without marking “Damaged Goods” on the paperwork you have accepted the product in good condition. These are standard freight terms extended to us by the hired freight companies. When we hire a common carrier to pickup or deliver you mats we use commonly used carriers that insure the cargo. In order for the claim to be properly executed and for you to not have to pay the freight bill for damaged goods these rules must be followed. Otherwise the claim will be denied and you (the customer) will be responsible for the bill. This also holds true for “hidden damage”. When receiving our product you must inspect the entire product and then sign the delivery form. 

Handling - Crown Gym Mats, Inc. does charge for handling.